Sub Level

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This compilation is becoming more and more my favorite upbeat project. As much as i love upbeat Trance, this is music you can listen to wherever you are. If your at home late at night, during the day, on a beach or driving (not that i drive, but occassionally my girlfriend decides to let me be on the passenger seat :-) it fits in perfectly. With it's lower BPM and less trancy sounds, it can stay well hidden in the back, just to explode if you decide to turn up the volume and then take you away in it's unike way only Progressive tunes can. I mean listening to Markus Schulz whole Coldharbour collections let's you know what i mean. He is for me he best Progressive DJ out there. Not to take anything away from Ozgur Can, Deadmau5, Sasha, Sander Kleinenberg, John Digweed or Gab & Dresden, his sounds are just perfect. He's also one of the best remixers i know. The Coldharbour remix of "No one on Earth" from Above & Beyond is simply freaking amazing!

You can read mostly about the "how and why" i did Sub Level in the After Glow section. The only info i would like you to know about here is, how i figured out the name, which is quite a funny story...

By the time i finished working @ G&G Games (what a painfully journey that was.... ) i kinda enjoyed my life without any big deals on the future. That year was maybe the most irritating year i've ever had. I had crazy high up's (LA & NY) and low's beyond imagination (break up with my long time GF Patricia, my mothers death and G&G Games). So after all those low blows i kinda didn't much care about my future (in terms of finding a job) i lived from my fathers heritage and tried to have a good time. Me and Patricia actually had always a good connection after the break up, i mean 9 years kinda glue together or they kill you. She had this crazy idea of having this huge 2nd shop and somehow there was this possibility to rent a place with 500m2 + in kriens to actually make that buisness. We talked about it, decided to do it and there we where! We wanted seperated business, but in the same place, so everybody runned his own show, but still would help out the other. As it came down to name giving, i was pretty lazy. She had her name in no time "StofWechsel" but i failed miserabely. Didn't had a clue... and as the day came we had to give our names for the phonebook, she called me and asked me if i finally had a name ready. I was playing Halo 2 and didn't figured out a name at all.... i then remembered something from the game where you had to go down a level and there it was "Sub Level" was born.... hahahahaha... As she moved into 2nd hand clothing, i decided to supplement that with the electronic part (DVD's, games, CD's, vinyl, various hardware etc) it was a cool experience, i really loved it, but unfortunately it was not meant to be forever. Few customers, no possibility to heat the place in winter (we had 38 degrees in summer and 6 degrees in winter) and not enough $$ for decent advertisement.

So now the Name for this series was a no brainer. check out the sound, the name is perfect!

Usually the mixes are 'round 80 mins and BPM is 130-132 but lately i've started to hit the Gym again and my workout usually is like 2h, so the later volumes are much longer to match my Gym time :-) BPM stays the same...yeah you can even work out to Progressive music :-)