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Like the name already suggests, it contains Goa and Psycadelic Trance. I know there are tons of dfferent soundstyles evolved out of Goa, but i ain't got the nerves to list them all up and besides, who cares? I don't. If you never got into Goa Trance and are not afraid of at least 145 BPM's and weird sounds, then you should give this wonderfull music a fair chance. I got into Goa because i liked it's power and it's force to get your brain floating between some layers of sound you never thought they exist...I was into Acid (music ehhh) in the late 80's and so Goa was just a small fraction away. For me the best Psy artist would be Simon Posford, followed by Raja Ram, Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom and the crazy Shamanic Tribes on Acid (this guy is actually held responsible to were part of my alias originates from) There are so many good DJ's out there and so many crazy live set's, that i never had the urge to do some myself. I don't know why, but for me Goa Trance is summer, eventhough i listen to it all year long, but when spring hits, the music just releases it's full potential. (besides, i love the summer) I also hardly listen to it while being at home relaxing. It's kinda useful though when you have to clean up your place, it has a drive you can't whitstand. I find myself in a cleaning frenzy while listening to Goa :-) And yeah, during my Gym sessions this is the best workout music you can listen to!

It's not music for the faint of heart, or for the fellows that like to chill after a hard workday, but it boosts your abilities during gym time by a full 100% 

Right now summer is trying to get a hold on in Switzerland, which ain't easy around these parts (in fact for the last week weather sucked) and i felt an urge to do some Psy trance set.