A Trip to Pluto

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I started the ATTP series way back in '97 when i first saw Space Night on german TV channel BR. I always loved to compile my own sound together and had a quite wide spectrum of collections. From Italo Disco to Acid, from Pop to Goa, or even Rave and Trance, but i was still missing something to cool down, to chill and meditate. Some Goa and Trance compilations i had, featured some down beat tracks, but far from enough to fill any 90min Tape. There wasn't any decent chill out compilation on the marked that blew me away and i kinda let go of that idea to make myself a nice chill out compilation, until one night. I haven't had much of a job in that time and was always up late ;-) switching thru all channels that where available, that was how i tuned in on Space Night.

I was intrigued by the pictures floating on my screen and even more fascinated by the music playing along. Internet was a drag in those days, but soon found out more about the show and was more important, about the people making the music for it, Alex Azary. Still in need of that soundtrack to make my own compilation's, i started to bombard a fellow friend, he was working in the best CD shop we had in Lucerne, to find me those CD's. Soon i had my first real Chill Out compilation with Space Night Vol. 2 Back in those days without a PC to burn my own CD's i still had to record it on Tapes... and that is how my first ATTP came to life. Of course i needed more music to make more tapes. Soon my PC got an internet connection i started to order CD's from elektrolux.com, which is still one of the best labels out there for electronic music.

At one point i felt unsatisfied with the fact to just record tracks on a tape and the gap between tracks really bothered me. As i started to get into the whole MiniDisc thing (i re-record ATTP #1 - 10 on them, since i wasn't using the tapes anymore) i found myself still to just put tracks on a disc without really getting the right feeling out of the compilations.

I finally got myself into buying a CD writer for my PC, a crappy external drive (which only managed 2x burn speed or otherwise crashed...) and so i hooked up my MiniDisc player with my PC (expensive equipment was necessary for that) Horray, i could finally make my own CD's ATTP #6 and #11 but there where still unmixed with gaps between tracks. So i got my cash together, bought an double CD drive and a DJ mixer to finally blend the tracks together and ATTP #12 was born, my first compilation where the tracks were actually mixed together without those infamous gaps and it finally felt right. There was a time when i thought of record all the other ATTP's i made so far on PC to remix them, but it was too mutch work and there was too mutch new music waiting to get mixed together, but eventually you'll find some tracks i had on the very first ATTP on later editions...and so my ATTP series grew and is today my longest running compilation and my favorite to blend together :-D

I got a few friends who really enjoy them and hope to find new listeners... so if you're in need to free your mind, meditate, relax and drift away, here you go!

I used to write track listings for them on paper, but unfortunately i've seem to have lost them for the first 16 numbers. For the others you can check them out if you click on the link underneath, saying tracklist....

What started as a simple compilation of tracks on Tape, evolved into serious mixing and blending tracks together which create a really unforgetable Trip, a Trip to Pluto.