Various Project's


Everything listed here is stuff i do occasionally, or just for the fun of it :-)

Some of them will go on and grow some bigger numbers, but most will just stay under 10 i guess (if they even reach 10)
So let's start with the one that reached the highest numbers so far:

Points in time (10)

This one features Drum 'n Bass the LTJ Bukem style. I liked Drum 'n Bass alot and i'm still listening to it. For me LTJ is the God of the Atmospherical Drum n' Bass. It's melodic, chilly and can be very relaxing. I own all the Logical Progression, Progression Sessions, Points in Time and the more Jazzy Earth collections on CD. My fav all time D'nB track is from Seba & Lotek "So Long" it incorporates all what i love about this kinda music. I knew i wanted to mix some D'nB myself, but at that time i didn't had enough records to do so. And i'm not the guy who likes the aggressive hard D'nB style, i'm just more mellow and soft :-) that's when i discovered some LTJ live set back in '96. I immediately fell in love with that sound and started to find out more about the man behind it. That's how i got into "goodlooking records" and bought all i could afford...With all that equipment i could finally do some of my own set's. Unfortunately i just have the tracklist of the latest 2 volumes i mixed together. The name is obviously taken from the GLR compilation called "Points in time" i thought this is really a brilliant name to it, and actually i didn't intend to make a bigger series out of it. I bought "Points in time" and loved some of the tracks on them and some don't. So basically i wanted to make a "cleaned up" version of it, with my own personal favorites. I thought there would be a max of maybe 4 mixes and it was intended as a personal best of for me, that's why i didn't invent a name for it...
After Volume 5, i think, i also changed the tracklist. I added some jazzy, funky tracks to it, which loosely had to do with D'nB, but i felt it belonged in there.

So if you wanna take a bite into D'nB, hear them out. It's very mellow and atmospherical kinda stuff. Here are the only two tracklists i have left of them: i'm pretty sure that i will do some future mix, but not just right now ;-)


1 - Future Sound of London - Papa new Guinea (papa has a brand new guinea)
2 - Red Shift Mantra - Rain (blame remix)
3 - Pariah - Catalyst (re-edit)
4 - Funky Technicians - Infinite ways
5 - PHD - Beneath the Surface
6 - Future Engineers - Counter balance
7 - TQ 1 - Interactive
8 - Big Bud - State Of Mind
9 - Aural Imbalance - Astral forest
10 - Future Engineers - Images
11 - Cedar - Elusive Tides
12 - Cedar - Golden
13 - Meeting Minds - Strong nature
14 - Model - In the bush
15 - LTJ Bukem - Energetic Poetry (Nookie Remix)
16 - London Elektricity - Rewind (Makoto Remix)
17 - Seba - Planetary Funk Alert
18 - Blame - Amazon girl

PIT 10

1 - London Elektricity - Rewind
2 - Urban Deep - U know I know (nookie dnb remix)
3 - Nookie - Different strokes
4 - Nookie - You cant hold me back
5 - Makoto - Inside Your Love (XRS Remix)
6 - Sonic Generation - Cosmic Journey
7 - Nu Moon - q
8 - K-Scope - Outer Mind
9 - B-J Laze - Ocean Floorz
10 - Nu Moon - View of Life
11 - Funky Technicians - classified
12 - Cedar - Distant Images
13 - Pariah - Search for life
14 - No Moon - Origins
15 - Aural Imbalance - Proximity alert
16 - Makoto-Flying high

PIT 11

1 - Blame - Cuban Lynx
2 - J-Laze - Stratosphere
3 - Blu Mar Ten - Fall
4 - New Balance - Secret Portraits
5 - Artemis - Fairlight
6 - Sonic Generation - Absolute Magnitude
7 - Intersperse - Equanimity
8 - J Laze - Dreams
9 - Orion - Ol'Janx Spirit
10 - Nu-Moon - Noomoon
11 - Justice - Westside Center (DJ Pulse rmx)
12 - TQ 1 - Tunnel Vision


Psy Spores - - A trip into Psycadelic soundscapes - - (7)

Like the name already suggests, it contains Goa and Psycadelic Trance. I know there are tons of dfferent soundstyles evolved out of Goa, but i ain't got the nerves to list them all up and besides, who cares? I don't. If you never got into Goa Trance and are not afraid of at least 145 BPM's and weird sounds, then you should give this wonderfull music a fair chance. I got into Goa because i liked it's power and it's force to get your brain floating between some layers of sound you never thought they exist...I was into Acid in the late 80's and so Goa was just a small fraction away. For me the best Psy artist would be Simon Posford, followed by Raja Ram, Astral Projection, Infected Mushroom and the crazy Shamanic Tribes on Acid (this guy is actually held responsible to were my alias originates from) There are so many good DJ's out there and so many crazy live set's, that i never had the urge to do some myself. Besides, i only listen to Goa music during the hot season (that's maybe also because i kinda originates from goa in india, where i want to go to travel one day). I't s impossible to me to listen to Psy during winter. I don't know why, but for me Goa Trance is summer music (besides, i love the summer) I also hardly listen to it while being at home relaxing. It's kinda usefull though when you have to clean up your place, it has a drive you can't whitstand. I find myself in a cleaning frenzy while listening to Goa :-) And most recently i use it during my Gym sessions.

It's not music for the faint of heart, or for the fellows that like to chill after a hard workday, but it boosts your abilitys during gym time by a full 100%
Right now summer is trying to get a hold on in Switzerland, which ain't easy around these parts (in fact for the last week weather sucked) and i felt an urge to do some Psy trance set. This are the tracklist's for the last two set's i've made:

Psy Spores - - A trip into Psycadelic Soundscapes 2

Meditation - Tikal
Acid Injection - System Failure
C-Data - Planet B.E.N.
Evenstar (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Shanti
Far Away - Ephedrix
Getting High Power - Sesto Sento vs Space Cat
Harmonic Distortion - Ital
Missing Linker - Alien Project
Inside - Jupiter 8000
New World Order Part 2 -Atomic Pulse
Next Day - Melicia vs Switch
Partial Shape - Bamboo Forest
The Home (Perplex Remix) - LVL

Psy Spores - - A trip into Psycadelic Soundscapes 3

The Sixth Revelation - Shpongle
10 Miles Out (vs Aquila) - Ephedrix
Activation Portal - Alien Project
Altitude - Fromem Ory
Artelligent - Headroom
At The End Of A Rainbow (Mad Maxx Remix) - GMS vs Alien Project
Cities Of The Future (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Infected Mushroom
Be High - IMIX
Last One (Star-X Remix) - Exaile
God Of Rock - 1200 Micrograms
Into Orbit (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Pop Stream
Lunar Human - Tikal
Magic Touch - Telekiness and Sixsense
Pora Vida (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Gbu
Revolution (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Skazi
Stop the Beat - Ultravoice vs. Cosmic Tone vs. Visual Paradox
Sweet Music (Som Psyremix) - Cosmonaut & Satellites
On the Road (vs Alpha) -Ephedrix

Psy Spores - - A trip into Psycadelic Soundscapes 4

The Sixth Revelation - Shpongle
10 Miles Out (vs Aquila) - Ephedrix
Activation Portal - Alien Project
Altitude - Fromem Ory
Artelligent - Headroom
At The End Of A Rainbow (Mad Maxx Remix) - GMS vs Alien Project
Cities Of The Future (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Infected Mushroom
Be High - IMIX
Last One (Star-X Remix) - Exaile
God Of Rock - 1200 Micrograms
Into Orbit (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Pop Stream
Lunar Human - Tikal
Magic Touch - Telekiness and Sixsense
Pora Vida (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Gbu
Revolution (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Skazi
Stop the Beat - Ultravoice vs. Cosmic Tone vs. Visual Paradox
Sweet Music (Som Psyremix) - Cosmonaut & Satellites
On the Road (vs Alpha) - Ephedrix

Psy Spores - - A Trip into Progressive Psycadelic Soundscapes 5

Angel Eyes - Flegma
Cold Day -Minoru
Dimension - Ritmo
E-Solex - Klever
Ear Peaks (Mute Rmx) - Buttersonic
Fresh - Lish
On-Off - Mute
Out Of Position - D-Fusion
Paper Cut (Ace Ventura Rmx) - Rocky
Stereo Space - Ovnimoon And Zyce
The Light (Zen Mechanics Remix) - Ace Ventura Vs. Lish
Unlimited - D-Fusion
Using (Light Remix) - Daydin
W- Perfect Stranger
Immerse - Zen Mechanics
Crystal Worlds - Kliment

Psy Spores - - A trip into Psycadelic Soundscapes 6

Mad Maxx vs Voyager - Boogie Woogie
Last Man Standing - Check out this Sound
Alien Project - Deeper-Retail
Protoculture - Driven (atomic pulse rmx)
Ultravoice vs. Michele Adamson - Electronic Playground (sesto sento remix)
Exaile - Radio Edit (bizzare contact rmx)
PsyCraft (feat. Michelle Adamson) - Follow the line
Ephedrix - Frontiers
PsyCraft (feat. Dali) - Memories inside
Alien Project - NRG
Astrix - Poison (wrecked machines rmx)
Tikal - Resonant Earth
BPM - Far Style
Space Cat - Space Cats

Psy Spores - - Take a Trip to the Gaza Stripe 7

Faders vs Sundose - Land Of Fire
Sesto Sento - Funk a Delic (Intersys Rmx)
Balada - Planet (Sundose RMX)
Yahel - Soul (SynSUN vs Kamasutrance Rmx)
Alienapia - Estimate of standing Crop
Faders vs Sundose vs Creeper - Sunders
Vibe Tribe vs DJ Ido - Thank You For Flying Utopia (Faders Remix)
Faders - Feelings
Depeche Mode - Precious (White Noise Remix)
Prodigy - No Good [Eskimo rmx]
Radioactive Project - Sunrise
System Nipel - Game On (Aquatica Rmx)
Sex Enhancer - Shelter
Mindwave - Trip to unknown

Psy Spores 8 - Full On Baby!

Cosmic Tone - Open The Gate
Melodic Assembly vs Dravszoo - Plastic Disco 320
Sesto Sento vs Space Cat - Getting High Power (DNA Rmx)
Kinesis - Beyond The Galaxy
In-Panic - Breath (Indra Rmx)
Zikimoto - Daydream (Melodic Assembly Rmx)
Protoculture vs John 00 Fleming - Factor
Quality Sound - Japan
Psycraft Vs. Dali - Memories Inside (DNA RMX)
Infected Mushroom - Suliman (White Noise Rmx)
Sonic Elysium - Water World (Lyric Rmx)
Yahel - Fear Of The Dark (DNA RMX)
Quality Sound - Space Ship
Ziki vs Electro Sun - Unlimited
Alternative Control - Who You Are (Shanti Rmx)

Psy Spores 9 - Progressive Mind Bending

Saafi Brothers - Liquid Beach
H.U.V.A. Network - Time Circles (Distant System Remix)
Distant System - Lost Sequence
N.A.S.A.-Take Me Home
Elea - Alderande
MUTe - Desert Time (flippers remix)
Aes Dana - Manifold ground edit
Multiphase - Kaleidoscope (n.a.s.a. remix)
John Deere - Guru
Float - Elusive Mirage
Inference - Karorro
Buttersonic - Ear Peaks
Grouch - Malia
Ovnimoon - Sandal Water (Zyce & Flegma rmx)
Etic - Strong language
Liquid Sound - Tribalism

Solar Flares

Cabeiri - Hidden Secrets
Tom Cosm - All the Way
Etic - Side Gain (aerospace remix)
Hypogeo - Videodrome Signal
Sideform - Santo Daime (zyce remix)
Niko S Echo - Female Lion
Black Samurai - Magpie Theory
M-Run feat. DJ Inada - Kapala
Ovnimoon - Mystical Technology (sonic entity remix)
PTX - Sound of Goa
Mindwave - Epic Moments
Loud - In Rage
Cosmos Vibration - The Other is dreaming Us
Liquid Flow - Unknown Life
Double Vision - Wot U Want
Liquid Flow - Microspace
SOM - Imagination
SOM - Sun set

AfterGlow meets Psy Spores (1)

Not much to say about that crossover, since it's pretty selfexploratory. I did this set a couple of weeks ago (june 2008) because we had hot weaher and i felt i could listen to some Psy trance. I had so many new Trance stuff and was actually ready for AfterGlow 017 when i felt to mix some Psy trance. That's how i did this freaky little mix. Starting with nice Trance and in the 2nd half moving over to faster Psy trance. I really liked the outcome of this one and had a pretty good feeling that i've mixed the Psy trance part very nicely. So right after this one i've decided to continue the work on the Psy Spore series. I'm pretty sure that this will be a one and only set and there will be no follow ups. But it may be possible that i will start the next summer season the same way....who knows?

So if you don't wanna go to deep into Psy, but would like to get a taste what's all about it, then you've picked the right mix to start things off....

Daylight (Original Mix) - Innerlight feat. Queenfireworks
End Of Summer (Original Mix) - Activa
Endless (4 Clubbers Remix) - Ron Van Den Beuken
Evolution (Stoneface & Terminal Remix) - Mirco De Govia
Lunar Path (Original Mix) - Arpegia & Olivier P pres. Fast Distance
Melkweg (Original Mix) - Kimito Lopez
Only You_(Simon Bostock Remix) - Teya Ft Tiff Lacey
Perfect Blue (Solar Movement Bangin Mix) - Akesson
Run From You (Original Mix) - Innerlight
Summer Vibes (Original Mix) - Stories From The Beyond
Double Helix - 1200 Micrograms
8th Day (Original Mix) - John 00 Fleming and the Digital Blonde Pres 0.0db
Black Space - Tikal
Dream Planet Part 2 - Telekiness and Astrali
Hit The Machine (Indra Exaile rmx) - Exaile
Firsthand Experience - Ephedrix
Flip (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Fatali
Psychedelic Dreams - Som
Solaris Pt 1 (Atomic Pulse Rmx) - Astrix


Dancealicious (1)

Oh yeah, that was made outta fun and it's intended to be fun (damn it has a modern talking track in it) Ok, so this little set is made to have some fun with good old disco style music. I was listening to a lot of 70's and 80's disco music here in the shop i work (most of the time there's lounge and ambient on, but since i have my own pc running here, i can decide what's on all day) and i thougt, hey why not do some fancy little mix with some of my favorite tracks here we go, clean good old disco stuff.....enjoy...there will be some follow up's....i'm really positive about that :-)

1 - Pino D'Angelo - Ma Quale Idea
2 - B.B. & Q Band - Dreamer (Shep Pettibone Long Vocal Version)
3 - Bananarama - Cruel Summer (Digital Mix)
4 - De La Soul - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays (Disco Fever Mix)
5 - Freez - I.O.U.
6 - Dazz Band - Let it all blow (12" Version)
7 - Princess - Say I'm Your Number
8 - Bee Gees - Staying Alive (monks make sure to stay alive mix)
9 - Modern Talking - Brother Louie (Special Long Version)
10 - The S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To Me (Vocal Remix)
11 - Captain Sensible - Wot
12 - Rudy & Co - Mama Radio
13 - Solid Strangers - My Delight
14 - Ivan - Fotonovela

4 ever Italo (1)

We all know the question "what would you pick, if you had to live on an island" Well, if someone asked me that question in terms of what music style i'd pick, it would come down to Italo Disco...yeah i know, silly and goofy, but hey, that's my music i was growing up with and i sure love it. I practically can sing along to every major italo disco classic there is (i sure can when the chorus kicks in) and i'm not joking about that! For me as a kid there where 2 different type of guys. The ones listening to Rock and then the ones who enjoyed Pop. Rap was nowhere in those days (i love public enemy and have all their albums) but in those days for me there was only ITALO DISCO. Scotch, Radiorama, Den Harrow, Sandy Marton, Tom Hooker just to name a small fraction....Italo Disco got me into buying 12" (my first was Ghostbusters Ray Parker jr. though) but i think you'll get the point. That was also the first time i've heard mixed compilations. The Italo Boot mix came first, followed by Max Mix. It was a crazy time and looking back, this influenced my whole musical way. I mean i've listened to music before, but never so intense. My sister used to listen to Abba, Boney M but never had the same crack on music like i have. From my mother i was used to listen to Elvis (which i think is truly the King of Rock) that was the good part, Freddy Quinn, Heintje and co wasn't....
Of course there wasen't only Italo Disco. I loved Rick Springfields "Celebrate Youth", the Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, MJ, Nena....for me the 80's where simply awesome and actually still are. Today i've read an interview with the Bangles (didn't know they still exist) they are having a gig in Zürich tomorrow 09.07.08 and some phrase really left me perplex. Susanna Hoffs was asked what kinda people nowadays are comming to there gigs and she replyed: "It's crazy, we got all kinds of people. There are people who where teenies in the 80's, they think 80's music is the best there was and is. That is shocking. To be honest the music then was quite simple." hmmmm im not sure what to tink of that, i mean, what's there to be shocked about? I mean when listening to radio or MTV (which i honestly almost don't do) and hearing what crap they play today, i really think music is more simple then it was in the 80's. But then again, there was simple music in all of our times, since music is that. Of course you have the politically themed music, music with a message, but hey, if it's Public Enemy or Den Harrow, they all have a message and mean something to us. Ok, this is a simple and maybe a bit a naive way to discuss this, but i ain't here to ramble about any message in the music. I just wanted to say, there is a message in all the music there is, different in it's ways, but the message stays... i'm drifting away...ehrmmm...

I did tons of Italo Disco compilations on Tape in the good old days (i love that term) but strangely never did any mixing here is my first mixed Italo Disco set, and yes, it sure wont be the last :-)

Forever Lovers - Italian Boys
Fire - Radiorama
Cenerentola (Cinderella) - Martinelli
Desire - Radiorama
Yeti - Radiorama
Bad Boy - Den Harrow
Easy Lady - Spagna
Peter and the Wolf - Peter and the Wolf
Shotgun (Into The Night) (Remix) - Laserdance
Hold The Line - Chester
Looking For Love - Tom Hooker
Eddy Huntington - Up & Down
Run To Me - Tracy Spencer
Toc Toc Toc - Miko Mission
Fire On The Moon - Aleph
Big Brother - Aleph
Turbo Diesel - Albert One
Fly To Me - Aleph

A Summer Night in House (1)

This mix i did, because i've made a Lounge/House 2 Disc mix for someone and i kinda liked the chill house music feeling i've crerated with it. So i decided to do some for myself with a lot of classics in it. House is not really my cup of tea, but this chilled summery feeling felt just perfect for the few hot summer days we're having here at the moment. I kinda made a folluw up to this one, but it has also a lot of lounge beats in it, so i filed the other under my Caribbean Lounge set's and gave it a funky name :)

Blank and Jones - Bien
Soundbluntz - Billie Jean (kut and swel remix)
Ron Paul feat Jesse Lee Davis - Come we play (groove addict mix)
Juan Consuelo feat. Lady Roux - I need Love (sas salinas 5pm ibiza mix)
Lady White - Let me try
Senso feat Julia Messenger - Love with a time limit first love
The Defloristics feat. Alison Degbe - Lost In Desire
Blaze - Lovelee Dae
Groove Armada - Lovebox
Tex Mex - Mexico (jerry ropero and dennis the menace remix)
Chris Reece feat Nadia Ali - The Notice (extended mix)
Comfort Class - Promised Land (tribute to joe smooth mix)
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (1999)
Blue Six - Music and wine
Blank and Jones with Mystic Diversions - Quedate (moonshine mix)
Headphonism - String it back
Rivera Rotation - Yes You Are (6 Pack Vocal Mix)
Modjo - Lady (hear me tonight)
Nalin and Kane - Beachball (gabriel & dresden south beach vacation rmx)


Large Elektro Collider (1)

That was pretty fun to make. I was mixing a new Sub Level, when things didn't work as i liked them to do, so i decided to take a break and mix something very differently from what i was doing, to empty my head. It just came into me to mix some elektro psychilled music with a fair ammount of beats in them. I didn't want to do A Trip to Pluto, i wanted it to be groovy, a bit psyish, so i stared it off with some classical shpongle to head over into deep elektro stuff. I really enjoyed this mix and i could've gone on for hours with it. It was fun, as the mix progressed by itself. I just knew roughly how it should sound and i had some tracks on my mind, but it rolled by itself and the tracks added them by themselfs :))

Shpongle - Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness
Vonoom - Therapy Pudding
Lemonchill - Subconcious Whispers (limbo rmx)
Goatika Creative Lab feat. Elefunk - Moby Dick
Irina Mikhailova - Harem (irinaa edit)
GMO Vs Dense - Seven Weeks
Ambientium - Touch of Light
Polarproject - Sculptures
Brock van Wey - A chance to start over [intrusions under the starlit sky mix]
CV313 - Dimensional
Dominique Jacquinet - Absolute Expectation
Atheus - Basic reaction
Echospace - The coldest Season
Shpongle - Vapour Rumours
Deepchord - Vantage Isle [echospace spatial dub]
Model 500 - Starlight [echospace unreleased mix]
Somni451 - Quantas never crashed
Polarproject - A Life
Biodub - Polar Ice

Melting Twilight in the Universe (1)

This is more a continuation of the set above, with maybe abit more beat in it. First i wanted to make a slow beat kinda A trip to Pluto mix with a BPM roughly around 120, but as the mix progressed, other tracks came naturally floating in and they had a bit a higher BPM, so i decided to file this not under the ATTP series :) I think i will continue with these set's because i like them alot :)

Malik Trey - Sleepy Shadows
The Islanders - Nebula
Astral Waves - Tibet in dub
Aes Dana - Nexus
Gabriel le Mar - Unlimited Love
Asura - They will come
Side Liner vs Cydelix - Nightmare's Music box remix
Sundial Aeon - Iced Melancholy Spectacle
Koala and Xentrix - Infinite Dream
Aes Dana - Leylines
Tripswitch - Indigo (androcell rmx)
Sgnl Ftlr - Waters
Highpersonic Whomen - Free Space
H.U.V.A. Network - Cobalt
Saafi Brothers - Internal Code Error 9.3.0 (Philantropic Mix)
Solar Fields - Brainbow
Solar Fields - Cruise

@ the edge of the Psyverse (1)

Side Liner feat Sunhize - Fruska Gora (Original Mix)
Astropilot - Inward Trip
Androcell - Gnome Dosed
Asura - Planisphere 7 part one
Astralasia - Khalahari
Pitch Black - Freefall
Shpongle - A New Way To Say Hooray (Prometheus Remix)
Olien - Ozeanic
Aes Dana - Heaven Report
Shpongle - Shpongolese spoken here
Space Safari - Sweet little
L.S.G. - Hidden Sun of Venus (oliver lieb remix)
H.U.V.A. Network - Cobalt
Acidphase III - Innocence
Younger Brother - Magic Monkey Juice
Expect - Sex and Champagner
Ovnimoon - The door of my Soul
Sonnenvakuum - A Part
Saafi Bros. featuring Groove Titan - Occidental Sadhu

Eternal Trip

Silent Voices - Turn The Light 2 Eternity
Cabeiri - Innermost Call
Kyoto - Forest Trip
Daniel Symons - You Are One (13'20 Remix)
Suduaya - Sunrize
Aes Dana - Antimatter (Post)
Entheogenic - Urubus
Irina Mikhailova - Song Of Laya
Hoopy Frood - Nlite
SOM - Moon song
H.U.V.A Network - Overload (Putput Mix)
Tribal Drift - Belly (Earth And Space Mix)
Astralasia - Destination Space
Eternal Bliss - Indiamagic (The Ultimate Club Remix)
Shpongle - Dorset Perception (Gaudi Remix).mp3 137.0
Tribal Drift - Cyclic Pulse Factor In A Sense Of 7=9^3

So, that sums it pretty much up for my other projects. Of course there's the Dark & Long series, but i feel that that one deserves it's own spot. I already talked about Dark & Long in the AfterGlow section, but if i once will have the spare time to track and put up all the traklists for the series, i will do an own index for the series...

I did some remixing on some tracks i liked, but this ain't a major make over, it's more like when i felt that some tracks are too short i kinda extended them...but it's not really something release worthy ;-) however, here are the tracks i did so far:

Faithless - Crazy english summer (monks long weekend rmx)
Electric Universe - Jetzt (monks jetzt & später rmx)
Golden Girls - Kinetic (monks SL4 rmx)
Hard-Fi - Suburban Knights (monks meets angello & ingrosso rmx)
X-Press 2 ft. David Byrne - Lazy (monks lazy day rmx)
Otto - Bob (monks super bob rmx)

I did some on fly altering of songs during a set, but this hardly is remixing and i will not list those tracks here...

So, that's it....go on and enjoy my music :-) all the set's i'm doing are for free. If you feel you could need some of my set's on your next holiday trip (someone already did) or you just want to enjoy them @ work, home or wherever you are (a lot do), let me's my e-mail add or just listen to my web radio it's on 24/7...well almost ;-)

yours truly

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