Caribbean Lounge


This little series i've started out of ATTP and ASP Like with Dark & Long which evolved into AfterGlow and Sub Level i tried to break out Lounge styled music from A trip to Pluto, since i started to feel that Lounge music didn't belong into a space trip :-) I knew i've still wanted a series where i can enjoy lounge, balearic or chilled trance music, but i also knew that @ Sevi's Place was not a good place for the more uptype styled lounge stuff. And here we go, yet another series. This is my latest addition to the various genres i already do. Name giving was quite simple on this one. For me the Caribbeans is a long time dream trip to go. Haven't managed to get there yet. The perfect sound for me lying on a sandy beach with palm trees swinging in the sea breeze, enjoying a Pina Collada would be Lounge music in all it's variations. So during the day i chill with Caribbean Lounge, at dusk i would start playing AfterGlow, as the moon comes out i'd switch to Sub Level and at dawn it'll be A trip to, wouldn't that be a hell of a chilled and blissed day on a beach? :-))

You can listen to Volume 1 of the series by clicking on the title in the tracklist section....enjoy :-) (or download by right click and save as)


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