@ Sevi's Place


With ASP i wanted to have cool and romantic music for some nice activities and i wanted to do something special for her, since i'm born with two left hands the only real thing i could do is a nice CD ;-) There was not alot of chilly music at my girlfriends flat and i simply need music to drift into sleep. I used my laptop and tuned into di.fm first, but soon thougt that there must be something better then that. I didn't want to have classic rock ballads on disc, as there are already way too many around and i just can't stand them anymore. Since i've always been a friend of electronic music, i was looking for electronic romantic stuff (crazy, i know). Blank & Jones did a marvelous work with their "Relax" series, this was something i wanted to adopt and use for my personal compilation. That's also why you can find many tracks from "Relax" on ASP...

@ Sevi's Place is a compilation that most people will refere as just Chill out music, but for me it's more then just to chill, since i also did that so you can be "romantic" with your Girl- or Boyfriend, so some tracks on it are rather faster then just standart Chill out stuff. It's getting hard to find good music for them, so there are not alot volumes available. I also have to be in a special mood to do them, unlike the more faster stuff i do with AfterGlow or Sub Level which i could mix on a daily base.

Name giving was quite funny for this compilation. I actually love that part sometimes more then selecting tracks and mixing them , maybe because it's less work ;-)
Since i've made this specially for Sevi and to have music at her place, it had to involve these two things. So what lies nearer then "At Sevi's Place"? Of course it had to have some special touch, so "At" became @ and instead of putting numbers as a reference i decided to add time. Now don't ask me why i've started with 23:00, maybe because i just like the time, it's close before going to sleep (usually) or i'ts just because the number look funny ;-)

It's always a pleasure doing ASP's but it's getting harder and harder to get "romantic" electronic music. I don't want to drift too mutch into lounge stuff, since i got the "Caribbean Lounge" series for that, but i always manage to find some pearls and as long that happends, there will be @ Sevi's Place, of course she needs to stay with me aswell ;-)


I'm not together with Sevi anymore...this will conclude @ Sevi's Place for good...however i did one final volume 01:17 last year, which might be one of the best in the series...i loved her from the bottom of my heart, but in the end my love was too weak to keep it up, as my heart fell for someone else...i loved every day of our crazy relationship, till the end...

I know i should take this page offline, but somehow this is a part of my life and it will stay that way, no matter if this page is up or not...





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