AfterGlow is my up beat Trance project. It was born outta my first up beat project Dark & Long. I had a lot of Global Underground Volumes and liked the Progressive touch, with less trancey vibes and the slight darker feel to it. DJ's like Sasha, Nick Warren, Seb Fontain and of course Oakey had mutch influence to my musicaly preferences. I took some tunes from those compilations to start my own series. I first wanted it to have the same dark feel, therefore the name Dark & Long. Of course, the same named track from Underworld (dark train rmx) had it's influence, since this is also one of my all time favorite tracks ever:-) But also uplifting & melodic Trance is one of my favorite music styles as wel. Either with Vocals or without, i simply love it. Stuff like Satellite from Oceanlab, or Blue Fear from Armin van Buuren just keeps me dancing like a fool in my flat :-)

I've started to experiment and mixing Trance stuff together with my double CD Deck i used to have, but had to find out that i failed miserably to beatmatch. SO i soon turned to my PC to look for any software that kinda beatmatches for me...yeah lazy i know, but hey, what the heck....first i used Magix Music maker, but that sucked. I acually added tracks with minimal transission at the end to each other, no beat match, and no tempo match whatsoever...i made like 6 volumes this way (yeah i could live with it) as i then discovered DSS DJ and finally i was able to beatmatch my stuff. So actually Dark & Long 7 was my first real Trance CD. It had awesome tracks on it, like Motorcycle' s As the Rush comes (still one of the best ever produced tracks) or My Religion from Pulser. I still enjoy that Volume sometimes.

My favorite DJ's where Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Gabriel & Dresden, Paul Oakenfold and Markus Schulz (they actually still are as of today, well oakey maybe a bit less ;-) With Gab & Dresden and Markus Schulz i kinda drifted more and more into the Progressive Genre, a bit darker and less trancey. So with later Volumes i added more progressive stuff into the series. It was pretty difficult to mix them together, so that it was still listenable. The main problem was the BPM difference on the tracks. Trance spinning at 136 - 142 BPM's and then Prog with just 122 - 132 BPM's that was quite a challenge. At one point it became impossible to do it in a manner too still enjoy the tracks they where meant to be. That was 'round Volume 30 or so. First i started to do one Volume with just Progressive stuff and then the other with Trance, but i felt unsatisfied by the result. So i decided to stop the Dark & Long series and divided the two genres in 2 different series. AfterGlow for the upbeat Trance stuff and Sub Level for the Progressive tunes. Sometimes i still mix Prog and Trance together in one Volume, that's when you listening to Sub Level vs AfterGlow....kinda Dark & Long revival ;-)

Usually the mixes are 'round 80 mins and BPM is 136-138 but lately i've started to hit the Gym again and my workout usually is like 2h, so the later volumes are much longer to match my Gym time :-) BPM stays the same...


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